Nikoi Island



Nikoi Island is a luxury island resort with 15 beachfront villas less than three hours by boat and car from Singapore. Designed long before eco-luxury became a buzzword, Nikoi Island is an exemplary sustainable resort on a 15-hectare island in the South China Sea. From the offset, its founders have challenged the notions of luxury standards to benefit guests and community alike. All beachfront villas were built using local materials, labour and techniques, and have been designed to reduce energy-guzzling norms such as air conditioning. A fixed menu reduces food waste, and 90 per cent of ingredients are sourced from Nikoi’s 7-hectare permaculture farm on Bintan or local markets. Together with its sister property, Cempedak Island, Nikoi employs 250 people, only three of which are expatriates (senior management is Indonesian); training opportunities guarantee staff satisfaction and progress. Since 2016, The Island Foundation has consolidated Nikoi’s improvement of local communities; seven learning centres have been established training over 2,300 students and 1,100 teachers.


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