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Shanga by Elewana Collection is a social enterprise based in the grounds of the Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge in Tanzania. From humble origins with a small group of ladies who were deaf recycling marbles, beads and fabric scraps into necklaces, in 13 years Shanga has grown into a social enterprise employing over 35 people with disabilities. Recognizing the need to support this marginalized group Elewana Collection purchased Shanga in 2017.

Shanga is a social enterprise based in Tanzania within the luxurious Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge. Its workshop is open to visitors who want to experience and learn more about the craft behind their products for free every day of the year.

Shanga by Elewana Collection trains and employs over 60 local people, most of them with disabilities, to produce high-quality handmade craft items. The interactive workshop includes glass blowing, beading and other manual activities, the products are sold at the Lodge’s shop as well as other outposts in Tanzania and the UK.

Shanga’s founder Saskia Rechsteiner initially employed a deaf lady and as the business grew she created a safe, consistent and loving environment for Tanzanians with disabilities who have so often faced terrible hardship in their lives and that could now generate extra income. The workshop’s upcycling contributes positively to the Tanzanian environment while producing creative pieces that celebrate Tanzanian culture.

Shanga’s permanent home is an open workshop, set up for everything from glass-blowing to Tinga Tinga painting where visitors (over 20,000 per year) are welcome every day of the year to celebrate our abilities and commitment to recycling. Its tours and fun activities are free. Additionally, to assist with spreading awareness of Shanga further, we supply other local lodges with unique glassware and partner with local education institutions.

Shanga by Elewana Collection is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


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