Destination Dahar is a Destination Management Organization in the Eastern South of Tunisia created to preserve the Cultural heritage of Dahar with sustainability at the heart of it’s strategy.

Dahar is located between the Beaches of Djerba and the Sahara Dunes, this mountainous region has unique landscapes, geological patrimony and rich heritage creating the perfect backdrop to create a tourism model that is eco-friendly and built to last for the coming generations.

The creation of the DMO was key to help preserve the many local historical villages that were on the verge of extinction.

The Destination Management Organization is working closely with the locals to promote the cultural heritage and uniqueness of the destination.
By promoting the culture and history of Dahar preserving its traditions and local customs. The DMO helped creating an economic movement in Dahar helping it’s people to embrace tourism. The tourist accommodation offering continues to expand and locals, especially the youth, have created their own small businesses to serve the ever increasing tourists coming to the region.
To revive the tourism offering in the region while preserving it’s local culture and heritage, making it a catalyzer for economic growth.

Dahar is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Dahar is a sustainable tourism area designated by the Government of Tunisia.

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