VIP Diving Bonaire

Caribbean, Netherlands

VIP Diving Bonaire tries to make a positive impact on sustainability on Bonaire Island, not only by making the best choices at our dive center that really make a difference but also by supporting local initiatives for nature conservation and sustainability.

They tailor the perfect dive trip for each visitor, introducing new divers to the wonders of the ocean and make diving as safe, convenient and fun as possible.

They only dive in small groups and introduce divers to sustainability, raising awareness of different ways they can be more responsible and go sustainable.

VIP Diving Bonaire leads a multitude of sustainable initiatives with its guests:
– reducing energy consumption using solar panels;
– reducing single use plastic by providing guests with a free reusable water bottle;
– decreasing usage of sunscreens with harmful chemicals that harm the reef ecosystem by offering oxybenzone & paraben-free sunscreen to all guests;
– recycling & waste separation;
– built a chlorine-free pool used for pre-dive training.

Apart from the listed above they also support the following initiatives led by the local community:
– Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire
– STINAPA Junior Rangers: teaching children dive ethics & environment protection;
– Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire:
– Lionfish Removal Program

Sustainability is the key driver in VIP Diving’s business model. Bonaire is a small island with a very rich but also fragile ecosystem both on land and underwater. It is crucial to protect and conserve this little slice of paradise for future generations. As a dive center they are committed to a sustainable use of ocean resources while leading by example on how to make a positive change.

VIP Diving Bonaire is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:               

VIP Diving Bonaire has been certified by Green Destinations.

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