Intrepid Group


Traveller by traveller, destination by destination, Intrepid’s vision is to change the way people see the world. Intrepid Group is the world’s largest adventure travel company. For more than 30 years, Intrepid has been creating travel experiences to ensure that tourists benefit the places they visit; a commitment rewarded by becoming the industry’s largest certified B Corp.


Offering an immersive style of adventure travel which benefits both travellers and the people and places they visit. They provide the world’s widest range of sustainable experience-rich travel.


Responsible business is at the heart of what they do – both on trips and in each of their global offices. They are committed to remaining an industry leader in responsible business, and advocate for a range of important issues from climate change to human rights and to animal welfare. They we work with a range of global partners to develop initiatives aimed at helping people and the planet to thrive.

Intrepid Group is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Intrepid Group is a B Certified Corporation.

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