Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon


Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon is a non-profit organisation founded more than 50 years ago with sustainability as top of mind, with a specific focus on youth and those with disabilities. It’s vision is to provide sustainable hospitality and lodging on short stays for groups of people from France and all over the world.

The center actively contributes to reducing its environmental impact by promoting the use of renewable energy sources, saving energy and water and reducing its waste.
Taking into account that most of the guests are students and youth, they have a huge sense of responsibility to promote an ethos of diversity, mutual respect amongst visitors and sustainable innovation in a safe environment.

The center’s sustainability strategy includes:
– Educate and engage guests to participate in waste sorting and energy saving;
– 100% use of green electricity;
– Staff eco-awareness training;
– Use of local, organic farming and fair trade providers;
– Enhancing local biodiversity in the property’s garden.

Having hosted guests from over 80 countries, the center’s objective is to play its part contributing towards saving the planet, by limiting the impact of its activities in our vulnerable environment.

Ethic Etapes is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:               

Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon has been accredited as a Sustainable Destination according to the European Union’s EU Ecolabel criteria.

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