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Terme Sveti Martin is a one-of-a-kind destination in northern Croatia, one of the first healthness resorts in Europe, a perfect place to rejuvenate and relax, take care of one’s own health, with  local, organic and homemade gastronomy in the middle of untouched nature. The Healthness concept and program which it encompasses, is the result of their own knowledge, based on the holistic philosophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, a science that presents the mind and body harmony as the main source of health and happiness. The main aim of the resort is to offer a unique experience as well as to change the perspective guests and give them the encouragement to change their lifestyle, take care of their physical as well as mental well-being and learn new healthy habits.

The Healthness philosophy, strategy, and concept were a very welcome change to the hotel’s offering. The guests that visit the resort are people looking for a specific retreat – a place where they can relax, eat quality local food, be surrounded by the freshness of nature, stay far away from the crowded and hurried cities, and most importantly where they can be motivated to change their lifestyle habits. Before these changes, this was just a regular spa with a classic offer a person can get almost everywhere.
Sveti Martin’s story began a hundred years ago when an international company searched the area in hopes of finding oil. They discovered the thermal mineral water which quickly became quite popular amongst  local residents. Throughout the years, the place grew from a few bathtubs to a classic complex with pools and apartments. An intense period of business and tourism development included the mission and vision of creating a unique resort with a Wellness & Sports center oriented towards a very specific Healthness strategy, a golf course, and a sports hall. Terme Sveti Martin used the natural attributes of the surroundings, quality service, and the kindness of the local people who became the ambassadors of the resort, to turn it into a leader in continental tourism. The completion of the hotel, sports hall, and golf course represented the largest project to date in continental tourism with an investment of over 300 million HRK and more than 150 employees, as well as one of the largest green-field investments in Croatia.

Statistically speaking, several studies have already proven that more women than men are employed in tourism, but even though they are more numerous, they are still paid less than men for the same jobs and positions they are in, but the resort breaks even these assumptions. As the head of the resort, there is a woman as a general manager, while there are also mostly women in director and management positions, and over 60% of the total number of employees in the entire spa are women, which makes it one of those businesses who addresses gender equality.

During the last 10 years, the resort was increasingly focused on the development of products and services that are closely linked to healthy living. By redefining  resort from a classical spa and aqua park into a Healthness Resort with a clear vision, they now assure a better quality of service for current guests,  attract new visitors that like the idea of a Healthy Vacation in a resort where everything is about healthy living and acting responsible towards animals and nature.

Terme Sveti Martin is the first hotel of its type in Croatia to be certified by EU Ecolabel based on its efforts to reduce environmental impact with the help of company CROTEH (Centre for the Development of Sustainable Technologies), a development and design company in the field of design, engineering and technology development for the processing and energetic exploitation of biodegradable materials and waste as well as municipal and industrial water. EU Ecolabel is a project that Terme Sveti Martin has been working on for several years. The documentation itself was prepared and finalized over a period of two years, but the foundations for applying for this project were established much earlier. In order to receive this label, the hotel had to meet a number of standards and criteria that are key to preserving the environment and green business, and Terme Sveti Martin has been encouraging and establishing a such business for many years. The preparation of the documentation for this project involved almost all departments important to hotel management. From the maintenance department, F&B, all the way to the reception staff. Each of around 200 employees contributed in some way to this project which is crucial for its daily implementation. As a hotel that directed its path towards a new business strategy and acquired various certificates several years ago, as well as adopted certain standards in order to turn its business into a “green” one, receiving the EU Ecolabel is a recognition that places Terme Sveti Martin once again among the initiators and innovators in tourism.

Considering the great impact of the hotel industry and tourism on the environment, one of the company’s strategic goals is to reduce it to a minimum. Through regular training of staff, as well as guests, Terme Sveti Martin tries to open up everyone’s perspective on how important it is to preserve the environment. By implementing energy efficiency projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, installing five wastewater purifiers that are located throughout the resort, selecting and sorting waste, removing dangerous chemicals such as sulfuric acid, installing a solar smart bench and charging stations for electric bicycles and cars, a green business system was created and applied in all departments of Terme Sveti Martin as well as implemented by all its employees. Aerators have been installed in rooms to optimize water flow and thus reduce excessive water consumption. Each hotel room is equipped with sensors to optimize the consumption of energy products such as electricity. Devices for measuring the quality and hardness of water optimize the use of detergents when washing bed linen. Waste sorting bins are available to guests on every floor in strategic places, and they are also encouraged to consume food rationally in order to reduce food waste. Single-use plastic items are no longer used in Terme Sveti Martin, so here you will not find plastic coffee spoons, single-use plastic cups, or yogurt and other foods in plastic packaging. At the entrance to the hotel, one can already notice its dedication to green business, since in front of the hotel there is a charging station for electric cars and bicycles that are also available for rent. The parking lot itself and most of the hotel rooms are equipped with LED lighting. No pesticides are used for the maintenance of grass surfaces, gardens, and flower gardens. In addition to its employees, the resort also puts great effort into educating its guests about the small steps they can take to protect the environment in which they live, so there are QR pricelists on the tables to reduce unnecessary printing of paper, single-use packages have been removed from the buffet as well as plastic accessories such as drinking straws, in the room, there are natural cosmetics without additives harmful to the environment and stored in recyclable packaging, and the latest novelty is a surprise gift for guests that decide they do not need daily bed linen or towel change, in order to reduce the consumption of water and washing detergents.

At Terme Sveti Martin guests can participate in a workshop where candles are made from waste oils. As a resort with several kitchens in which oils are used daily for food preparation, its employees have figured out how to use the waste oils from their kitchens in the best way possible. They are preserved and filtered, and with the addition of soy wax and fragrant essential oils, they are turned into scented candles that can be a wonderful souvenir of the time spent in this “green spa”.

The main goals of the resort are the education of the employees, guests, and local residents, continuous investment in the energy efficiency of the company, maintenance of green areas only with natural resources, continuous reduction of non-selective waste, use of as much recyclable materials as possible, maximizing the use of locally grown ingredients in the preparation of food, increasing cooperation with local suppliers of food and beverages, and maximum involvement in the development of the local community as a tourist destination, while engaging the local community in the positive development of the resort For the project itself, it was extremely important to have local family farms as business partners and encourage local tourism, which Terme Sveti Martin has been doing for years, from locally produced juices from a family farm, local cheeses, eggs from family farms, all the way to own biodynamic garden. In order to reduce single-use items and include another local producer, Terme Sveti Martin started business cooperation with Kuća magične trave (House of magic herbs) from Paka, and now every guest staying in the hotel room has the opportunity to enjoy fragrant, eco-certified cosmetic products from a local producer which can be found in big dispensers as we stay away from disposable packages as much as we can. The company’s latest environmentally sustainable investment is the purchase of a composter and baler, which significantly contributed to the efficiency of waste management in accordance with environmental regulations. Reducing the time spent on waste handling allows more time for other business activities of the staff, and baling itself leads to more productive use of storage and production space. Baled waste makes it possible to reduce the frequency of waste collection, which results in reduced transport costs and CO2 emissions, and a higher quality of waste material for recycling is achieved at the source. In addition to the baler, with the purchase of a composter and the latest technology, waste from the resort kitchens of catering facilities is turned into compost within 24 hours, reducing the volume of waste by up to 90 %. In this hygienic and odorless way, the resort recycles its own waste, which we use as compost in the garden or return to local producers and family farms, thus completing the cycle of very important cooperation with the local community.

The resort is driven by the desire to change the guest’s mindset and bad habits, making them invent new programs which help visitors become healthier as they leave the hotel. They aim to achieve a healthier lifestyle for guests with an emphasis on environmental protection and living green as much as they can. Knowing how big the impact the hotel industry has on the environment, they also want to be an example to guests, as well as others in the industry, showing that it is possible to be a big resort but still take care of the environment, nature, and the wildlife, as well as the local community.

Terme Sveti Martin is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Terme Sveti Martin has been accredited as a Sustainable Destination according to the European Union’s EU Ecolabel criteria.

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