FeelViana Sport Hotel


FeelViana Sport Hotel is the first Portuguese Sport focused Hotel and is located in the North of the country overlooking the Cabedelo beach pinewood. The hotel has been built using wood to perfectly frame the surrounding landscape.

The Hotel believes in the concept of sustainability integrating the “Triple Bottom Line” factors: economic, social and environmental.

Aware of the impact that the tourism industry has on the environment, the Hotel’s operations were planned taking into consideration the balance between economic growth, social well-being and environmental preservation. Their philosophy is to respect the community, the natural surrounding and the setting. The architectural choices made, as well as the materials used to build the Hotel from, reflect that respect.

Management adopted a socially responsible and ethical management model, taking into account economic, social and environmental issues. Besides FeelViana’s commitment to blending into the landscape and the materials chosen to reduce all visual and environmental impact, the Hotel implemented many initiatives such as creating a responsible waste management policy, using only local and seasonal products, making reusable product purchases a priority, reducing single use plastic, using solar thermal energy, controlled water consumption, and so many others.

The hotel is driven by a passionate team that is driven by a love for the sea, the wind, for adventure, for nature and for a healthy life. The Hotel is an ode to nature and respect for the environment.
Besides daily measures and careful sustainable steps, they created a plan with specific goals to achieve in 2021. These include: River and Beach cleaning sessions; re-qualification of the wakepark area, educating the local community and working with local authorities to eradicate illegal discharges in natural water and social responsibility initiatives with local authorities.

FeelViana Sport Hotel is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


FeelViana Sport Hotel has been accredited as a Sustainable Destination according to the European Union’s EU Ecolabel criteria.

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