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Emboo River Camp was founded by a group of three friends passionate about sustainability and the Masai Mara. They have built what became the first eco-lodge in the region that is fully sustainable and where visitors experience a unique and luxurious safari adventure while leaving no impact behind.

This is only possible because of the thoroughly thought Emboo River’s Closed Loop System the lodge has in place, where they have matched innovation & technology with strong local partnerships which allows them to source everything they need to run their operations locally and therefore embracing and preserving the Masai Mara and its natural beauty & culture.

The lodge is fully sustainable through its award winning program Emboo River’s Closed Loop System (find out more about it below).
The Closed Loop System covers all aspects of running the camp: Water management;  Renewable energy; Electric safari vehicles; Farm to fork meals; Clean environment; and Community engagement.
Because of the passion for protecting and learning from new cultures, being surrounded by nature, exploring the beauty of the world while only leaving a positive mark, as implemented at Emboo River in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

The Emboo River’s Closed Loop System program includes:

WATER MANAGEMENT: Emboo River’s wastewater treatment relies on local wetland plants, these were were identified by Aguainc together with the Maasai Community and excel at filtering water. All Emboo River’s grey and black wastewater, including waste water from guest rooms, toilets and kitchens, goes via manholes to a lagoon. Once the water is cleaned by the lagoon, it is collected in a well and a solar pump pushes this water into our “recycled water tank”. Emboo River’s “recycled water tank” is connected to a separate piping system, which leads to toilets, the workshop and other areas. The local plants in Emboo River’s water treatment system and natural swimming pool have created lush areas that attract insects, birds and frogs, including the Bubbling Kassina. Emboo River’s swimming pool uses the same technology to stay clean: local wetland plants.
The swimming pool is topped up with fresh water from the well.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Emboo River relies 100% on solar power.

MOBILITY: Emboo River is proud to have the first and only Electric Safari Vehicles in the Maasai Mara. Driving around the Maasai Mara in Electric Safari Vehicles is a magical experience. You hear the sounds of nature and smell the scents of the savanna, instead of an engine and exhaust fumes.

NUTRITION: Within the lodge, Emboo River has its own organic vegetable and herb garden – or ‘shamba’ – with bell peppers, squash, rosemary, basil and a monkey proof cover. Guests join Emboo River’s Chef in the garden to select fresh ingredients for their meals.

CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: Emboo River focuses on reduce, reuse, recycle of waste and has also created its own Tree Planting Project to help guests offset their carbon dioxide emissions from flying into the Camp.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Most of Emboo River’s team members come from the Maasai community and the Camp also offers indirect employment opportunities by partnering with local artisans and businesses.

Emboo River Camp is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

      https://www.sustainablefirst.com/be-sustainable-first/sustainable-development-goal-4/  https://www.sustainablefirst.com/be-sustainable-first/sustainable-development-goal-5/               

Emboo River Camp is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Be Sustainable First and check availability here.

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