Dar al Hossoun


On the outskirts of Taroudant, South Morocco, Dar al Hossoun is a boutique riad run in a sustainable manner. Surrounded by 100 acres of olive groves, Dar Al Hossoun is a beautiful eco-friendly guesthouse constructed entirely by local builders and craftsmen with natural materials using ancestral techniques.

Guests have the opportunity to stay in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. At Dar al Hossoun, they can discover the abundant garden with its countless rare species of cacti and succulents, inhabited by local animals including peacocks, tortoises, frogs, cats and the odd drowsy dog. A sunken garden was created in the middle of the property and the quarried earth used to form individual rammed earth pisé buildings around the perimeter, used for guest accommodation. The riad has also developed its own organic vegetable garden, orchard as well as a nursery. One of the latest project extensions is a donkey sanctuary for working donkeys abandoned by their owners once injured, handicapped, sick or too old and weak.

All staff members working in the project are doing their best to take into account, contribute and work towards 12 out of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that Dar al Hossoun has committed to. Through their experience and the discovery or the riad’s ecotourism activities and experiences (excursions, cooking classes, mud architecture, garden tours amongst others)  visitors and guests get an enriching and inspiring “back to simple and traditional ways” experience. They can, in turn, contribute to the long-term sustainable approach and economic support of local community.

A personal commitment to share, give back, support, move forward together and leave as few as possible behind…

Dar al Hossoun is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

     https://www.sustainablefirst.com/be-sustainable-first/sustainable-development-goal-4/  https://www.sustainablefirst.com/be-sustainable-first/sustainable-development-goal-5/           

Dar al Hossoun is a certified member of Green Key.

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