Eau Thermale Avène l’Hôtel


A beautiful Hotel in the village of Avène in the heart of the National Parc of Haut Languedoc built by the legendary pharmaceutical and cosmetics legend Pierre Fabre in the 90’s. It’s initial purpose was to host visitors to the local Avène Hydrotherapy Center.

The Hotel has been completely refurbished with sustainability top of mind, and opened to the public in 2016. The building holds a sustainable certification and blends into the beautiful natural surroundings.

Through implementing sustainable policies and initiatives which include:
– No light switches in common areas – only motion & light detectors;
– No air conditioning: In summer, the Hotel uses the cold water of the river to refresh the air, and in winter they use hot water coming from the natural source nearby;
– Bath hot water heated with solar panels’ energy;
– 80% of fresh restaurant goods are provided from a ration of less than 100kms;
– Promotion of local suppliers by organising product presentation within the Hotel or in the suppliers’ premises;
– Organic waste composting used in the gardens;
– All cleaning products are Ecolabel certificated or of organic origin;
– All employees take part on a local chosen project that rotates every year;
– The Hotel has a campaign to help educate guest on how to reduce their water consumption.

To keep working towards a balance between providing a high quality service, sustainability, and developing the local economy.

Eau Thermale Avène l’Hôtel is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Eau Thermale Avène l’Hôtel has been accredited as a Sustainable Destination according to the European Union’s EU Ecolabel criteria.

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