Casa das Palmeiras


Casa das Palmeiras is a sustainable farm house in the North of Portugal dedicated to rural tourism with a special focus on providing their guests a genuine countryside experience, taking them on a journey of discovery of local traditions and care for the nature that surrounds us.

A sustainable farm house with an educational component for children providing a family approach to life in the countryside community following and promoting local traditions to their visitors.

They organise local tours to take their guests to see how the region’s famous local cheese, wine and olive oil are produced keeping to Portuguese heritage. They also run a forestation project planting a tree in the local village for every reservation made at Casa das Palmeiras.

They believe in helping the local community, championing local traditions by helping to keep these alive, and contributing to the long-term ecological diversity of the area.

Casa das Palmeiras is working towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:              

Casa das Palmeiras has been accredited as a Sustainable Destination by Green Key and Biosphere following the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria.

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