Cas Gasi


Situated in the heart of Ibiza, the rural hotel Cas Gasi takes its name from the family who built the house, in 1800. The current owners (a Barcelona-born lady from German origins and her Ibicencan husband, navigator and lawyer) decided years ago to share the beauty and tranquility of their villa. So converted Cas Gasi into a delightful small hotel of 9 rooms and 1 suite surrounded by stunning Mediterranean gardens in an estate of 10 acres. Each room is beautifully decorated, each having its own particular charm to a perfect combination of elegance, comfort and high technology. This exclusive hotel is the perfect location for those who look for a hidden place far from the never ending hustle of the island.


Cas Gasi is organically run in a sustainable environment and endeavors to support the traditions of the island and the culture of craftwork. The estate produces cold pressed organic olive oil, organic grown vegetables and fruits and free range eggs, all of which is offered to the guests at the hotel’s restaurant along side local fish and meat from reliable farms.

Water and waste

Eco-tourism business has an important role to play in protecting the environment, and at Cas Gasi we minimize and monitor the use of all resources. Waste from the kitchen and the gardens are used as compost in our organic garden, and we convert grey waters in waters for watering gardens. We try to avoid purchasing packaged goods and use biodegradable cleaning products.


We involve the local community in our eco-tourism project. Our employees come from local villages and we train them in sustainable lifestyle. We offer for free a number of educational activities like school education visits and guided tours and workshops on renewable energy, organic farming and sustainable life to all interested parties.

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